My Personal Favourites

I have to mention my personal favourite movies which I have to admit I have seen nearly a dozen times each without ever tiring of it. Even though I like the movies which the world also regard as top movies of all time these below are ones I recommend personally. Since I have been working for online casino siteleri in the last 4 years, my top 2 favourite movies are casino theme movies.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven has always been my ultimate favourite movie for several reasons aside from the fact that it is a gambling and casino related movie, something I love as you will find me betting at online casinos when I am not blogging or watching movies. It has an excellent cast including Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Brad Pitt. It tells an action filled story about a team of eleven robbers planning a triple heist in Las Vegas and succeed in robbing all three at once.


Since I told you about my love for casinos I will add another favourite classic movie from 1995 called Casino. It is an excellent portrayal of more favourite actors of mine, James woods, Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone. It tells the story of greed, the gambling industry and two Las Vegas mobsters.

American Sniper

I have seen American Sniper many times since its release in 2014 as one of my other favourites, which is War Dramas. My favourite actor, turned director, Clint Eastwood directs this excellent movie played by Luke Grimes, Jake McDorman, Sienna Miller and Bradley Cooper. I love movies based on truth and it is the story of a rodeo rider who turns to the Navy SEALS and became one of the top snipers of the US with 160 kills. It ends tragically with many tissues as the movie continues and concentrates on his life after the war.  Gerard


As lover of true dramas that is combined with action and especially Ancient times, 300 remains one of my firm favourites. I also love actor Gerard Butler who plays as King Leonidas of Sparta.

Rain Man

I loved Tom Cruise and especially Dustin Hoffman’s performances in this touching drama/comedy. Dustin Hoffman is the Rain man while Tom Cruise is the selfish brother. The twist comes in as Raymond and not Charlie the selfish Tom Cruise inherits all their fathers’ money.

The Green Mile

This 1999 movie is one I watched numerous times with excellent actors such as Michael Clark Duncan, Tom Hanks and Bonnie Hunt. It is about a huge black man on Death Row and the lives he touched with his great gift.